Transponder key

Transponder keys are devices designed to transfer a radio signal from a portable device to remote receiver. The common uses of transponder keys are to start or stop all vehicles. Sometimes they are used in gate openers and keyless entry systems. Transponder keys are designed in such a way that only one key can start the car no other key can start the ignition switch. Transponder keys program has many advantages because of this program risk of stealing car is lesson and everyone can park their car without any fear. Possibility of stealing is much lessoned and now a days because of this system many cars is saves from thief. Transponder program can be used in any device but it is usually used in cheap or inexpensive equipment to lessen its price. It helps the buyer to buy transponder programmed keys at fewer prices.
TECHNOLOGY used in transponder keys which is now a day’s used in vehicle was introduced in 1995. Transponder keys transmitter unit consist of a microchip attach on the plastic part of key. That micro chip has specific number which is set during its programming. If a person wants to start the car the chip will send message to car to tell the number. If the car recognizes the serial number then it will start otherwise engine will remain locked. This is the mechanism of transponder keys because of this mechanism thief cannot steal your car if he will try to start the engine with another key then the car will not recognize the serial number and it will not allow the engine to start. Many cars contain transponder programmed keys but it is common in new model cars. You can also install transponder keys program but it is very expensive. But it’s my advice that you should install the program because without installation of it the risk of losing of your car will be increased.
So it’s better to invest money for buying new keys rather than buying new car. Replacing a transponder key is very expensive because if your own keys will be lost then you will have to install a new transponder program in your car and it will cost you very much so it’s better that you make a transponder keys then also make a duplicate of it. It will help you in saving your money. Transponder program is a very effective program because it reduce the rate of theft.

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